Sun. Jun 20th, 2021


Comm Unity for all synchronicity, for all individuals

As 2020 came to a close, I decided to undertake the most outrageous task I’ve ever considered, which was to construct a book based on all the dots I’ve connected, based on the perspective I’ve grown, and been sharing with many of my friends for the last decade or so.  For me to begin to share how challenging it is to create a book, would be for me to have to explain my difficulties which I’ve spent many years finding ways to overcome them, the wisdom’s I plan to write in to the book is the dots I’ve connected from the point of view of a simply aspects, so to not complicate the ancient wisdom’s, and or share the perversions of, but to give people the insight, the tools to start to unfold, to begin there wakening journey to learn their own truths, and how to maintain themselves in a more enlightened state of consciousness.  I plan to have the book available sometime during 2021, perhaps it will be released in eBook format initially, I do not really know at this point, however I can share. That the few friends I’ve told about the book, whom are close to me are delighted and truly existed that I’ve decided to do this project.  Which can only but help me feel a drive to complete the book with great diligence and careful thought to include the most important connecting events for others to see the full perspectives or potentials from what I could, and hopefully include in this book. Perhaps this will be the first of many I really do not know at this point, and I look forward to sharing it far and wide in hope that it can help others in more ways than I possibly know at this time.  I have created a page about the book, and hope to update it as I progress and receive it back from the editors, I suspect it will have to go through a few process’s before we have anything physical, and or worthy of sharing to everyone. Meanwhile please pray for success and please know I am creating this book for you all.  Love and Blessings from Scotland.


June 2021
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