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Introducing the creator of “Epiphany Project”, community manager of “Cipher-dɪˈsʌɪfə”, medium, psychic, long time student to the Law of One, dot connector, researcher of ancient wisdom’s, anthroposophist John, has recently decided to write a book sharing his journey, presenting the most simplistic view of the game, our world events we all enjoy.  I like to share my discoveries, hence why over the decades I’ve worked hard to create countless project, community, events which expand the awareness of many of the ancient teachings, shared an anthrophosiphical view on life itself. My intuition has always told me there was hidden knowledge that the Ancients knew about. Discovering the Mystery School knowledge has changed my life, my perception and my ability to see how positive thought is really how to attract what you need.  By taking the time to expand our awareness we can start to tap into that super sensible state of consciousness we all strive to find, yet never truly grasp. 

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Thank you for your continued support, donations, with your help we can continue to host our website, create video content, and produce content like the book. Your support is the only thing keeping our community going, and we truly appreciate all your financial support. John does not work for any corporation nor has any online revenues, but yet delivers daily content for everyone for free.

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