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Comm Unity for all synchronicity, for all individuals

All4Synchronicity discord

Our community is about interacting and sharing information, our members are from all areas of the world, with the technology delivering new platforms all the time our community looks to take advantage of functionality for the benefits of our members, and thus we have a discord server where members can interact on a daily basis. Our discord server provide members with access to fellow members threw text threads, and or voice channels, much like our community TeamSpeak server. However Discord is available free to everyone to use on any devices, and was built directly for the touch screen devices.

The Community for the synchronicities…

“All4synchronicity was founded as a place to put Universal Synchronicity into action in the world – The Community for the synchronicities…”

What is Discord Server?

Discord is a application create for users to connect in groups and share time, information etc. If you would like to read more about it you can do so on their website;

The best relationships in our lives were built around interactions with others from staying up late playing games with friends or sharing creative content with others having conversations, all these functions we share together which help connect everyone.  Discord’s free voice and text chat is about making it easier for you to spend time with the people you care about, create these memories, and build a community we can all be proud to call ours.

Our community discord server is a place for anyone and everyone to interact with others. Our community server delivers notifications to users from the website of any content published. We encourage you if you’re not already on our community discord to join in on the fun.

Discord provides members with ability to join on voice chat channels text threads and contribute to the articles we release by joining in with everyone within our community hub.

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