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Cipher – dɪˈsʌɪfə

Our Community – Cipher

Welcome to the dɪˈsʌɪfə; Otherwise named “Cipher”  Our community was setup and utilities’ a platform called Discord to share our discussion, content and was founded by Starbuck aka :-John to give others access to the same information the individual had read, and found joy from.  The community started with few people asking for the same URL to a book over and over again, and before long the best solution was to invite others to a location to obtain the urls for themselves, and thus the effect from the Cipher has grown rapidly, before long other individuals started to create libraries of content and have plastered links all over discussion threads within the discord threads.  Cipher has always been on a different level of just sharing urls, the members found within the community range from the quiet type to the noisy talkative, however we all share something in common and enjoy sharing our finding, our deciphers from the books, and guiding others to the same if not more fun from the topics we found in our own ciphering…  Our community has been delighted to join with the All4Synchronicity HUB and is taking full advantage of the services the community host’s for small groups like ourselves.  The Cipher group can only grow by sharing our news and intentions and we encourage anyone and everyone to join in with our discussion on our community discord server.

Cipher members Overview

Many of the members from cipher has been honoured to participate within the All4synchronicity web platform by taking up roles within the community, many have joined efforts to share information and spread the wonderful information by posting to the community newsroom.  Other are joining in on the fun within the other tools, and most have come to assist, and or plan to participate on the developments of the all4synchronicity community platforms, by sharing their content and their opinions and their voices threw out there platforms for the greater good of knowledge.

Community Platforms : Member Services

Our community use DISCORD along with other VOIP tools for a very long time, we encourage members to join us on our discord, and or on the All4Sychronicity discord server, our members are always sharing new finding regarding any topic an individual wishes to discuss, we typically discuss findings regard books, videos, movies, documentaries, gosh.. it is a shame to say what we don’t chat about..

Library : Vault of knowledge

For a long period of time many users have been sharing links to books across a platform known as discord, the level of information they have shared has been quite a level of data for any individual to grasp in one short visit.  Due to the restrictions within the discord platform the founder of the community has always wanted to deliver a better one stop type interface for the user to obtain the information easier.  The creator of Cipher has joined with the website to help to deliver there vault, of information and much more to the platform All4Synchronicity provides everyone.  The effort to deliver the information across discord was originally hosted by the founder of Cipher on his own website, and now due the combined efforts of others joining forces we will be archiving our content to this website and sharing our ciphers as time goes forth…

This does not mean we plan to destroy any of our historical information this means we plan to build bigger and better things, provide members with easier access to information, most importantly make proper use out of the tools we have as a community.

History of DiCipher

Sharing findings or looking to enjoy on finding out how everything in the universe works. From mysticism, to scriptures, astrology there are people here who are looking for or found good information which should be shared to everyone.

Mind-set of Cipher members


Our members range from a collective of out of the box thinkers, some of them work full time jobs, others are a family individuals, we have lovely ladies with great wisdom, to some really young adults with much great thinkers, our community does not have a requirements nor wish to define our member base, but we do share the same mind-set and enjoy sharing discussions, interacting with each other etc…

Our Current Mission

As our community has been moving so fast our member base has been a constant, with our efforts to create a better deliver of content to our members we are moving over to a new discord server. our old volt will be available for everyone but we will no longer be sharing any ciphers within the old discord server..

Please make sure to join us all over on this discord server

Our Mission: Has never changed, and will be a very important part of this website.  We for a long time have shared our thoughts on books, some have created books for others to gain the insight from. Others focus on sharing there musical insight from sharing some true meanings found in songs, to indepth findings from years of wisdom.  The mission, it is to share ciphers.  Decipher the cipher, as one might say.. From all aspects of life, history, future, litrature, theory.  It doesnt matter. our mission is the same.

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