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Cipher joins All4Synchronicity

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Please give a warm welcome to the Cipher community as they have joined our community HUB, to take full advantage of our platform and help share the wisdom that they have, and so kindly wish to share the world.  It will be a wonderful joint effort from the Cipher members to help within the HUB and to share benefits from the combined effort of everyone. We will be able to deliver to our members a quality of content in one place.  Allowing members to make the best out of all the tools we can.

Cipher – Decipher Discord.

For a long period of time many users have been sharing links to books across a platform known as discord. The level of information they have shared has been quite a level of data for any individual to grasp in one short visit.  Due to the restrictions within the discord platform the founder of the community has always wanted to deliver a better one stop type interface for the user to obtain the information easier.  The creator of Cipher has joined with the website to help to create a library of information and much more to the platform All4Synchronicity provides everyone.  The effort to deliver the information across discord was originally hosted by the founder of Cipher on his own website, and now due to the combined efforts of others joining forces we will be archiving our content to this website and sharing our ciphers as time goes forth…

This does not mean we plan to destroy any of our historical information this means we plan to build bigger and better things, provide members with easier access to information, most importantly make proper use out of the tools we have as a community.

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