Wed. May 25th, 2022


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Grand Chest Board of Consciousness

Twenty, Twenty One, sounds a very interesting number when we take time to just consider for a moment how much we have learnt in such a short time, As this year unfolds All4Synchronicity has much plans and many members within the community are continuing there efforts to share truths and offer their support to others to help them reach their own truths of these times.

We have great plans and announcements to share with everyone, from planned videos on our podcast to creation of new content, ranging from Cosmology to consciousness, also taking a look into the ancient myths and braking down the hidden in plain sight information. Many members of all4synchronicity have shared time with John and over the years brought much confirmations to conclude the requirements for the creation of this book “The Grand Chest Board of Consciousness.” These discussion, theories, thoughts are documented in this book, to be openly shared and further developed by anyone willing to grasp the depth of which all these thoughts have stemmed from, the chapters are written to present scientific experiments and conscious implications of which build towards the picture that the topics within discuss.  During 2021, John’s plan will be to interview many of people to discuss these topics and provide others with the opportunity to listen into these discussion.

If you know of a guest that should be on all4synchronicity or would like to suggest someone, then please use our request form and or reach out to John on our community Discord.

Delving deep into the consciousness, guiding the readers to see scientific evidence in the light of its original intended purpose’s.  The journey we share here together through this book will break down the fabric of cosmology, consciousness and provide the reader with an overview. Not only that but a greater ability to penetrate the conscious veils and tap into a more blissful state, open to expand their own awareness to a more enjoyable existence.  As we learn of these teachings we then take time to apply it to the evolutionary game, the grandiose game of all.

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