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Late 2020 I decided to undertake the task of constructed a book that contains my years of experience, my conscious perspective of our realm. Many members of all4synchronicity have shared their praise and wish for me to complete the book.  At present I have completed what I would say is about a third of which I believe the book will be, I’ve also managed to organise an editor to assist with the book.  As many of you are aware I do not earn any revenue from the acts I do locally, and or online for over a decade I’ve given all my time away freely.  With that being shared, I face serious challenges with this book project.  Firstly I do not have money to be able to print the book, let alone hire an editor.  This is why I’m able to provide all of you with this opportunity to help me to complete this book, I’m looking for any donations which will go towards the book project. I’m openly accepting PayPal donations which will go toward all expense’s I will occur. 

The Grand Chest Board of Consciousness

The book which will help change our world, the book which will help us see the perspectives we all thrive to discover.

Anyone willing to donate to my cause, will be the first people to receive a digital copy of the book prior to it going to print.  When I’m at the stage of publishing I plan to present the early backers with access to the book prior to the printed version being available, this will give me an opportunity for feedback and perhaps I will be able to make some alterations at that stage. 

As many of you are aware I share all the wisdom’s and sources I learn from, I focus on providing members with positive thoughts, affirmations, over the years I’ve helped many people from business owners to military officers, and much more.  The shared learning experience helps us all to grow in this soul journey of life. My book taps into all the teachings I use in my life, and share to everyone, I also delve deep into countless scientific experiment which has conscious implications.  I don’t want to give to much information about the book at this time, but if you are a follower of my videos on YouTube, or BitChute then you are already aware of most of my content, and you are likely to hear much more about the book at 2021 progresses.

Thank you for your continued support.


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Short time only

Opportunity to have your name in the book, we will dedicate a page to anyone that wishes to be known in the book as a backer, we will dedicate 15 slots for a special thanks to those individuals that wish to back the project. All the donations, received will go towards the cost of producing the book. At this time these backer slots cost £150.00

email if you are interested on this wonderful opportunity to be remembered within “The Grand Chest Board of Consciousness” book.

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