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Comm Unity for all synchronicity, for all individuals

Who We are

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Community Profile

Our community website provides our members with a one stop location to catch-up with their news, that there fellow members have taking time to create, share post etc.  These individuals are sharing discussions, topics of interest, and or anything they wish too.  We are a humble community looking to share our information from the North East West South, in the same way any other community.  We share all sorts of information from astrology, to archaeology, books, world events.  Our members are from all sorts of life, gamers, Moms, Dads, some theosophists, philosophers, to video content artists.  We share the same intentions, “To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or colour”

If you are one of us, then welcome to our website, if you wish to join our community.  Then please make yourself known in on our community tools, we currently provide our members access to our discords, and have a TeamSpeak server available.  If you wish to read more about our community and tools for our members head over too

Member Roles

better to be useful, rather than useless.

Our members deliver content, information to the hub for many communities, our roles within our community are here to assist us to deliver content, and range from technical support for hosting the platform to publishers, and editors of and for content to you our members, our audience.  The hub will accept emails and or have forms for some members to use for submitting of content or information.  All members of the community are produce content voluntarily and choose to do so because of their humble intentions to help others.

Publishing House Roles

Editors, Publishers, Marketing, Members, helpers creativity in unity.

Publisher: Assisting to make sure quality content is delivered to the public facing website.
Editor: Creating content, assisting to deliver content of a valuable level.
Campaign team: Helping to share the community content created, delivering life to the community VOIP tools, assisting on creating quality content for others to enjoy
Fan: Individuals taking time to make them there selves known to the team, helping to keep the moral within the community showing support to others and spreading the news of the community hub.

Members of Publishing House

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

Campaign Team

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Publish Team

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Editors Team

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Website purpose

As a community member it is your responsibility to look after the reputation of the community, we do not wish to moderate, nor do we see a potential for having to silences a discussion.  Our website purpose is not to offend, we are a group of individuals sharing our wisdom.  We come together through synchronicities, and wish to give others the opportunities we are trying to create for our members.  The publications on our website are not aimed to offend anyone, and we do not wish to ever create a negative vibe from anything we do; our community aims to share discussion from books, and or even share books, these intentions of our project team are so vast it is a shame to attempt to construct a sentence of the hopes many have for the community hub.
Our purpose is all humble, members watching, members involved are here for quality content and together we will create much fun times, we truly hope everyone can take time away from daily life propaganda to enjoy some true worthy discussions, relating from astronomy, to spirituality, to science, possible, star trek aswell…

Project Team

All community needs helper, volunteers, to help them become more than what any individual can do alone.  The Project team are a very important group of individuals that shared on the vision for a future, shared on something what could be if more than one person did do and act together.  Those individuals helped to create content, and discuss structure, ideas, share inspiration to be able to bring all the synchronicities in place for a development team to come together and help to create, shape, a community platform we can use, to help us to expand our member base, to help us unite in ways we and other would like too.


Many synchronicities brings unity, that cause is only greatness


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Remembering the work of everyone

The community team requires a level of support to enjoy all the benefits of the technology, these individuals are volunteers that have kindly dedicated there time to create a platform for the community members to enjoy, these individuals have helped to shape the HUB, and deliver a community for everyone to enjoy.  Their continued support, and dedication to the community is truly appreciated and we look forward to their continued efforts and support..

Content Disclaimer

Our content posted is not intended to offend, it is an opinion by someone, we do not want to regurgitate information nor do we like to give opinions on or to offend others.  Our objective is not to create a disclaimer that is like NO other corporations, and or like a contract. As we do not have a belief in the unlawful legal system, which the world believes in.  We are not here to bring any offensive acts to anyone, nor do we wish to create anything which upsets any person, being, corporation, etc.


All of our work is free to use non-commercially in the full spirit of DIY. Do not use the work for commercial purposes, however well meaning, without prior consent from the originators. The Lotus Symbol was designed prior to All4Synchronicity. Using the symbol on commercial merchandise is strictly forbidden. For more information visit …..

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