Wed. Apr 21st, 2021


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Minds of Men

A Movie the world must see!

Three years in the making these hardworking individuals truly are inspirational to everyone. Please take a moment to check out the movie, and their wonderful website. Full of great information and well produced content. Recently Arron & Mel are excited to announce the premiere screening of “The Minds of Men” to be held on Tuesday, July 2nd at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas!

An amazing couple that delivers  professional level production  content. These individuals have been sharing lots of incredible information from Dr Rife , to Tesla technology. The level of effort and dedication they apply to presenting a great video is truly mind blowing.  They contain HUGE value  You can’t help but indulge yourself in the valuable and in depth information. There is no doubt in mind anyone taking their time to observe their work will gain value from the multiple perspectives that TruthStream Media offer!

Minds of Men

“Arron & Melissa Dykes best production.”  And you can quote me on that the videos below are minds of men, and truly allot of effort went into another great production by these wonderful individuals.  Please take time to listen, and enjoy, you may need multiple refreshments, possible click pause while you use the rest room too.

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